Land and Sea (Vote for me!)

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This piece made it into the Art Hop 2014 Contest in Georgetown, TX! Participating artists from 57 cities across Texas.  This is currently at the Georgetown Library. Please visit the Georgetown Art Center Facebook page, People’s Choice Award; the contest will run through October 10th. The winner will receive a $250 Gift Certificate (for supplies). The link is click on the small orange PEOPLE’S CHOICE ICON on the left hand side of the page, it will ask permission to register you, then click the UPLOAD PHOTOS (grey tab). Scroll down to see the paintings, my paintings are: Land and Sea, and Blueberry Muffins.  Click the image to see it zoomed in; And click VOTE!   THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Agave at Cap Rock

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Back by request… someone asked me to show this agave again. Full of collage papers from an old technical pipe and ditch handbook, newsprint, including acrylics, charcoal, and pastel in a semi graphic style. Texture and layered glazes transform the plant into a delightful whimsical color spectrum. The Agave Americana; one of my favorites!

Pond Pads Re-visited

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I love to visit ponds, especially the past couple of days- it has been hazy and cooler in central Texas. I feel at one with these lovable guys, they are so beautiful I just had to do a large painting of them. This is only a small segment, the original canvas is 20″ square; Acrylic. I’ll be exhibiting it at Hill Country Bible Church “Open Doors Gallery” starting September 26th. Come take a peek in person!

Abbey Courtyard

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Well, the summer is flying by so fast! We had a nice long vacation in England, Scotland and France; I am glad to be back to painting with new ideas and impressions in my head of distant landscapes. This one in particular was a fond one. a large courtyard in the old part of York, England, a warm sunny late morning we walked the city walls in search of a nice place to eat. Some camera crews were in the area shoveling manure into the cobblestone streets in preparation for filming a historical piece. So we had a lovely authentic “old world” aroma. Wonderful trip, much to remember. I hope y ‘all enjoyed your summer as well!  (“Abbey”  Acrylic on canvas, 18×24″)  This will be on display at Hill Country Bible Church, Austin at the opening reception of “Gratitude” exhibit September 21, 7-9 PM. Y’all are invited!

TX, Beautiful Opportunities

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And yes, once again I have a large mixed media Agave. Summer is here and they are in their glory as many attempt to bloom. Pictured is only half of the art, as there were twins! Thanks for viewing my art today! (24×48″) This will be going to Hill Country Bible Church in Austin TX, and be installed in the “Windows of Time” exhibit by next weekend (Sat, June 14th). I hope you have a chance to see it there in person! [For service times & location,   Have a blessed day! ~Sue

Pitchers on shelf

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An unusually dark and tighter painting for me, I was fascinated by these metal pitchers. Some may call it dark, but it certainly communicates a mood; it just wouldn’t be the same in a brighter setting. I enjoyed the process on this one, although for me I prefer my usual more painterly, looser feel. I may have to do another painting of the pitchers and keep it gestural (yippee!).  (Oil on canvas, 12×16″, selected segment shown).  Have a great week!


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The beauty of the summer is arrived. Happy Friday! I send wishes of a safe and wonderful weekend!

Oil on panel, 6×6″