Windows of Contrast

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This Agave painting was an exercise in contrasts (and no it’s not Photoshop magic) it’s all hand painted, and yes it took way longer than just a landscape.  The central window is the original color and value of the plant, the second window from the center (reds) is the complementary color (are pairs of colors which, when combined cancel each other out or are opposite on the color wheel), the third window is the opposite values (of dark and light), the fourth window is intensity or saturation of the color, and the outer window is back to the normal colors of the landscape. These free-form wonky windows with the landscape create an interesting juxtaposition for a more dynamic design. Thanks for viewing my art today! This (Acrylic 30×30″) painting is at Hill Country Bible Church and will soon move to Seton Spine Center to exhibit. Have a blessed week!


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This abstract is entirely decisive. Black and white, or could it be a visual interpretation of motion? It is like an ink blot which has a strong calligraphic feel. It speaks of confidence, boldness and spirit with definite boundaries, and small subtle details (at least to me). Everyone may see something completely different, that’s the beauty of art! It can mean something completely different to each and every person. This abstract painting is merely an experience of gestural mark making, a graphic experiment, or simply an artistic “I am here” statement for the day. Yes, still here and kickin’. Enjoy.

The Flock

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I have three liturgical works which have made it into the 13th exhibit at the Catholic Diocese of Austin Religious Art Gallery this spring so I am very excited for the opportunity to exhibit there!  I hope some of you get out there to see it. These calligraphic pieces are works of love intended for thought and reflection; this one is selected nuggets from the Psalms (61).

God has so blessed me! Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of how great and faithful HE IS!

Have a delightful day! Thank you for viewing my art.



Peppermint Windows

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This mixed media piece could easily go vertically or horizontal; the text script is for effect only. The color-blocking technique is used frequently by fine artists as well as graphic designers. It leads the eye around the canvas from areas of rest to areas of increased saturation of color, contrast, and detail. The title came to me thinking about the red stripe in candy canes along with the icy light blue-gray of winter. Thank you for visiting my art blog today. Have a blessed weekend!

First Liberty

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My sweet son, Andre was home on his first liberty; this picture stays in my mind’s eye as I think of my Navy hero. So proud of all that he’s become! Wishing much happiness to him and his new wife, Erin!  (12×12″ Acrylic on canvas)


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Pastels are ever so wonderful to work with, especially soft pastels. The texture of the surface is seen with these pastels which creates a beautiful pattern. I’ve not worked with them for years, but I do enjoy it. Keeping the work loose also adds to the artistic nature of the work, this one tightened up, a bit fussy at the end. -it happens :)  Thanks for viewing my art. Have a blessed week!


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Shadow (the wild child). This mixed media collage is an eclectic assortment of ephemera and acrylic mediums. Now in a private collection, this piece captivates the playful spirit of ‘Shadow’. Each day is a gift from God; I am so thankful for all He has done! Have a blessed weekend! Thank you for viewing my art!