New Horizons

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If you think for one second God is not working, I’m here to tell you… HE IS!  Yesterday as a divine confirmation of how much God loves me, an old friend who I’ve not seen or heard from (since high school German class) that’s probably 38 years y’all! … sent me an email out of the blue saying the whole family is praying for my healing from the loss of my son, JP.  God is so amazing!!

I had done a piece long ago called “God is Close to the Broken Hearted,” He is proving it to me now, when I need it most. Thank YOU! To those of you who’ve prayed for me and my sons. We appreciate your prayers! Talking with some folks at our artist exhibition group on Tuesday night I realized, I am just stepping into a new chapter, the story isn’t over. I have just been encouraged, so I want to encourage you. God is near and He hears you.

This is a close up of a section of a new painting (original size is 12×36″) mixed media. I had a vision of southwest landscapes, it reminds me of a waterfall and rock cliffs. The perspective is looking up which is more noticeable in the whole painting, but I like the close details pictured here.

I wanted to share something I remember reading from Ann Voskamp on her blog, I’m paraphrasing because it’s been a while, so forgive me Ann if I get it wrong…  “Drink water. Especially the living kind. Thirst for Him more than anything else.” I like that.


Finishing up with summer

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IMGPainting_JpFishingThis painting is done of a memory of JP fishing around Volenté road, a small creek off of Lake Travis. Just a faded memory of me and him. It doesn’t really look much like us but just the thought of remembering how hot it was here in Austin, sitting, sweating, and watching a bobber… Overall a great memory. (Acrylic on canvas, 14×12″) Now at HCBC Austin balcony gallery.

After the Storm

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I have several new works this fall. I have been working towards this abstract style as experimental works. It helps me explore new color palettes, marks and line work which have a “landscape-ish” or natural feel. I like to play with color “temperature” differences, using light to enhance certain areas. All very exciting. This acrylic mixed media painting will be at Hill Country Bible Church for the Fall Art Opening Reception Friday, September 29th, 7 – 9 PM. Come visit with local artists, and enjoy music from “Just For You” jazz band, refreshments served. Please come for the reception, it is open to the public and free. It makes for a great date-night or art outing with the family. There will be small art give-aways to early comers! Thanks for viewing my art today!

Blessings! Sue


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This 16×20″ flat, chunky acrylic painting is an emotional expression for me; I placed myself seated on a train, the facial expression was taken from a selfie taken after I discovered infidelity and betrayal in my marriage which was followed by a painful divorce.

“Life is ugly, messy and disappointing at times. This passage is a venture of humanity; an important journey to becoming real, authentic and mature. As we experience pain, whether loss of relationships, jobs, betrayals or other events, God uses all those things as a growth path for us, to bring us closer to dependence on Him, to really trust Him. Only through pain and hardships are we able to distinguish joy from sorrow.”

I wrote that interpretation which went on the wall with it when it was exhibited.  This interp is really hitting home now with JP, my oldest son’s suicide less than two months ago. I doubt I’ll ever understand the reasons behind that one. It’s probably that he was just thinking that life was just too painful. Whatever the reason, it has left a wake of great pain for me personally. If I could, I would say to him, “Don’t you know how loved you are?”  So, I say it to you, “You are special, you are loved.”  Don’t believe the inner critic who tells you you’re not worth much or you should have done something differently. We do the best that we can at the time. God is love. Don’t give up. Believe that grace works. Forgive, love your people, live with thankfulness. Live life full.

Thanks for viewing my art today! Be blessed!

I’ve included a link to a this organization for suicide prevention in JP’s honor, you can read more about him here.   American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (JP Costa)


The Risks of Art

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One might think the greatest risk of doing painting is falling off a cliff or something… well, I suppose that is true, but just today I communicated with an artist friend, something like this…

Me: You have to email me, I dropped my phone in water and it’ll be 24 hours dry time before I can see if it still works.
Cathy: Is there an interesting story that goes with the phone in the water?
Me: Not really, stupidity.  I’ve had a lot of near misses with water, especially falling out of my pocket in bathrooms near toilets in the past…  Finally slipped out of my hand into a creek taking pictures for a painting. Ugh!!  I guess the up side is, it could’ve been a toilet.  :o)
Cathy: Ha! That is an upside!

This large acrylic painting (NFS) is done from a photograph that Connie (another artist friend) took of me on a cliff outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was exhibited in the gallery last fall… interesting pun. The story on this one is, I got disoriented looking through the camera and viewing the river below so I purposely leaned backwards away from the canyon, plopping on my butt. Kindly, my friend wasn’t roaring with laughter, we just had a giggle or two.

Thanks for viewing my art blog today! Stay safe!


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This large acrylic painting was created from a road trip adventure to Cali last summer. My first solo drive heading west.  I hope you can feel the warm sun on your face and wind in your hair as you experience it. (This piece is currently for sale at Hill Country Bible Church, Lakeline campus fine art gallery in Austin, Texas.)

Have a blessed week and thank you for visiting my art blog site!


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This is an oil painting done with palette knife which kept it chunky.  It was an overcast day, made for lots of grayed down colors. This piece is at Hill Country Bible Church (Lakeline campus) gallery. The Spring Artist opening reception is Friday, April 21st, 7-9 PM, y’all come out!