As You Wish

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This scene is from a photo of the highlands of Scotland (but don’t ask me exactly where) where the hills seem to tumble and roll on forever. The size of people in perspective were so tiny you wouldn’t have noticed them if i did add the couple that were actually there. You just can’t believe it until you are standing there how massive these are; photos just don’t do it justice. Quite fun to paint! I kinda got lost in all the green. I’ll have to see if I want to tweak it tomorrow- I may add more snowy contrast and texture. :)  (18×24″ acrylic on canvas) Thanks for viewing my art blog today! Have a blessed weekend!


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Happy Friday! Just a quick study on reflected and direct light. Learning to see the correct temperature of the colors is an exercise in waiting. Waiting for my eyes to adjust… Then… the first round on this one, I had my sunglasses on for 30 minutes before I thought about it; duh!  Then waiting again to see the right colors; ugh! This boat dock was the place to be on a hot Texas day. (Acrylic, 12×16″ on canvas)

We should be in triple-digits for this coming week, so stay cool Y’all!  Thank you for visiting my art blog! Have a great weekend!  ~Sue

Birds in the City

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Happy Friday! I thought I’d do some city-slicker birds; after all not everyone can live in the hill country of central Texas.

This is in the exhibit at HCBC Lakeline campus, main gallery. Abstracted acrylic and collage on panel.  Thanks for viewing my art.  Have a blessed weekend!  SOLD


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This is, of course, one of my favorite subjects, a palm tree on a beach… (Oil on canvas, 24×36″). It will be going to Hill Country Bible Church for the “Oasis” Exhibit next week. You’ll be able to see it starting June 28th in the Open Doors main balcony gallery. Hill Country Bible is on Hwy 620 in Northwest Austin, the website is for directions and gallery open times. There will be no artist opening reception this time; the next one is in the fall.  Thanks for viewing my art today. Have a blessed weekend!

First Friday

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It’s not too late to come out to Georgetown Square, Framers gallery, on Main Street. We are open till 8:00 tonight for the first Friday open gallery! Hope to see y’all here!


Highland Mist

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Hill Country’s Open Doors Gallery just kicked off our Spring opening reception with live jazz, cake, and refreshments provided for all the guests; it was a grand event even though it was pouring rain… (but thank you, God for the rain!) This painting was painted from photos of my trip to Scotland. The title is Highland Mist (24 x 48″ Acrylic). It’s hard to see the subtle nature of this painting in this photo, but it has quite a few glazes on it to create transparency where the cloud covers over the mountain. (This photo was graciously taken at the opening by my friend, Larry.)

Art with Bishop Joe

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The Diocesan Religious Art exhibit and reception was a wonderful time; meeting Bishop Joe Vasquez was the highlight of the evening. He spoke on art and beauty and the deep need of our soul which was created with a thirst for beauty, love, and fellowship with God. It was a most inspiring message for me, a great challenge. As an artist I feel I get a glimpse of a different realm (sort of like wearing rose-colored glasses every day) in which I experience colors and patterns of light on objects and nature which challenge me to create a piece of art. My mind’s eye sees impressions of beauty every day; it’s quite a gift, so how can I not use it to bring beauty to others? I was called to a purpose, to give God glory by bringing the beauty of art and hopefully inspiration into people’s lives. Very cool!


This photo taken by my friend Carolyn at the exhibit opening.