A little Closer to Frozen

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Just a close up of my frozen piece that’s at HCBC in the main building. It was hard to see all the fun detail in my previous post.  Y’all come out Friday (tomorrow, Apr 8) for the fine art exhibit opening reception with refreshments and live music 7-9 pm! All are welcome.

Hill Country Bible Church Austin  12124 RR 620 North, Austin, TX 78750


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You know how that is whenever you catch someone looking at you? I imagine a fox would have the same cautious reaction when an observer is spotted nearby.  Mixed media collage piece is now at HCBC Austin in the fine art gallery.


The CATHOLIC DIOCESE of AUSTIN Art Opening is TONIGHT, 6/6, 5:30-7:30 pm.

The HILL COUNTRY BIBLE  CHURCH Art Opening is FRIDAY, 6/8, 7 – 9 pm.

I hope y’all can come!

In The Chute

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imageThis mixed media collage piece of a rodeo is hanging at the main Hill Country Bible Church (off 620/Lakeline) in the Cafe’ hallway.

You are invited to the ARTISTS OPENING RECEPTION this Friday evening, April 8th, 7-9 pm in the main building balcony fine arts gallery. It is open to the public and free! We have live music and refreshments. Come meet the artists! Come as you are!! Children are welcome! I hope to see you there!

God is Close

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COSTA_GodIsCloseThis piece is at the Austin Catholic Diocese for an exhibit which opens Wednesday, April 6th. It is mixed media acrylic with calligraphy (in gouache) on canvas. No collage papers in this one since it’s on canvas. I enjoy abstracting cityscapes because they reveal just little bits or hints of familiar things and have very strong lines. Can you see the woman walking?

Have a blessed weekend!  ~Sue

View From the Train

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I took a photo of sunflower fields in Southern France on a trip from Perpignan to Paris. This translated perfectly to the mixed media piece which is hanging at Hill Country Bible Church for another week. My new studio is ready for painting now, since my move in October it has taken some time to re-establish a working studio. But here I am, ready to go at it again! For artists who have difficulty finding time to work, renovate a space, have relationships/family and create, I feel your pain. But hang in there! God always provides! Have a blessed day and happy creating!


Diocese of Austin Exhibit

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“Jerusalem” …This mixed media piece is now exhibiting at the Catholic Diocese of Austin, Texas offices (located by Hwy 290 and I-35). There is a reception tomorrow (thurs), at the Religious Art Exhibit on October 1, 2015 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Diocese of Austin …

“highest aspirations and manifestations of the glory of God.” Art is a reflection of the divine within the human being and that is why the church has always tried to respect, support and … use the art effectively.” Bishop John McCarthy…  Read more and see what’s happening at the Diocese go to http://www.austindiocese.org and search “Art.”

Fall is a busy time, stay tuned for another installation this week!  Thanks for visiting my art blog! Blessings!  ~Sue


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Mixed Media Collage on masonite, includes plaster, acrylic, charcoal, conté, soft pastel, old book papers. (18×24″-ish)

This piece is being exhibited until the end of 2015 at the Hill Country Bible Church (Lakeline) Gallery. Feel free to stop by and see it if you are able; It’s one of my favs, done through a very difficult time for me. It’s sometimes pain that drives us forward. My art is always speaking of my experiences, emotions, faith, or encouragement. My artist interpretation on the piece is the following:
“Trust is a delicate thing, it can be dangerous, yet is essential to life and must be earned.”

Several gentlemen guests at the opening reception commented on rabbit/hare traits and how revealing the message and visual are for the artwork. I am very glad people can relate and enjoy it. Thank you for coming out to the Friday reception if you were there! I was a huge success. If not, thank you for visiting my virtual art blog! Have a blessed week!