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This is an oil painting done with palette knife which kept it chunky.  It was an overcast day, made for lots of grayed down colors. This piece is at Hill Country Bible Church (Lakeline campus) gallery. The Spring Artist opening reception is Friday, April 21st, 7-9 PM, y’all come out!

Green Note

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COSTA  –  Gallery Art

This Acrylic (24×36″ canvas) piece was inspired by one of my favored past-times, wandering through garden nurseries. Plants on their journeys will all end up in different people’s gardens all over the central Texas area. Just an interesting thought as these plants pass through the nursery to their new destinations and new neighbors. This orange kitty likes to visit occasionally.  This art is hanging at Hill Country Bible Church (Lakeline campus) in Austin TX. Come to the Art Exhibit Opening Reception Friday, April 21, 7-9 PM – Refreshments & live jazz band! The church gallery is open to public on Sundays 8AM – 12:30 PM. Thank you for viewing my art today.


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This name says it all. I love Agave plants; these large silvery plants are amazingly beautiful and sculptural. They are perfect for painting and adding mixed media! I can be so much more creative and expressive when I’m not limited by one medium. Texas is my choice for landscapes, they are so familiar, the colors, shapes, the sunlight, jackrabbits, the creeks, the sounds and smells, the friendly folks; so where else would I live? There’s no place like home.

This 48″ x 24″ Mixed Media Collage painting is at Grace Covenant Church (Mopac & 360, in Austin TX). You’ll find it in the Family Room near the lobby entrance. (The building is open during and between service times on Sundays.) It is one of my favs because a dear calligrapher friend and mentor, Dee Day, lettered “beautiful” on it; it reminds me of when we paint together. I was inspired and interpreted this painting from a photo I took in my old neighborhood in Austin.

For a close up look, you can keyword search on my blog: beautiful


Thanks for taking the time and viewing my art today!  ~Sue

Large Art Available for Purchase

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Painting at Grace Cov Church

“Mediterranean Blue,” Mixed media collage. This is my largest mixed media collage that I’ve done. This (4’x5′) piece of art is still available for purchase. You may see it in person at Grace Covenant Church (360 & Mopac) in the entrance lobby. If you’re interested just take a trip on Sunday morning soon.  I also have several other large pieces (in other sizes) to view there in the Family room and the cafe’. The art will be changing and coming down in the next month or two, so if you want to see it now is the time.

Thanks for viewing my art today. Have a blessed week!


The Sand Volleyball Court

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This is one of my favorite paintings recently; it is in the exhibit one more week at Hill Country Bible Church, Austin. It’s a picnic table by the sand volleyball court where I play. The glistening morning sunlight was setting off all the colors of the towels, ball, and water bottles. Painting is ever so much fun when sunlight is involved!  I really did enjoy watching the AVP and summer olympic volleyball games. Great athletes, great games, so exciting! Thanks for visiting my art blog and viewing my art! Have a blessed week!

Fresh Spring Water

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This painting is still at Hill Country Bible Church Fine Art Gallery until September 26th. It was sold the first week of the exhibit, so last chance to see it. Acrylic on canvas 24 x 48″

Like springs in the desert, the important things are the people in our lives… those are the things that matter; the things that are eternal which energize us and that feed our souls. God gives us relationships to work through, to challenge us, to touch us, and to soften our hearts. I find those relationships are the most difficult yet the most rewarding thing in life. We have no control over others, the only choices we have are our very own to make. Live well, love well, and choose to forgive. Thank you for viewing my art today.

Texas Cowgirl

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I’m back in the saddle after a long summer break. Hopefully y’all had a great summer as well. This cowgirl was just the cutest. Who could resist a pink cowgirl hat and boots?? We love our Central Texas Rodeos! Say, Woo-hoo Y’all!

This art is hanging at Hill Country Bible Church-Austin Balcony Gallery for the next two weeks, still for sale. Come on out and see the exhibit in the upstairs gallery and the downstairs Cafe’ hallway before the art change out. Stay tuned for a few others which are still available as well. Acrylic on canvas.